Level Up Mental Fitness Coaching

Meet Your Mental Fitness Coach

Your Mental Fitness CoachBonnie Skinner is a Registered Psychotherapist with a background in Neuroscience, and over a decade of experience in helping individuals strengthen their mental fitness skills. As a CEO, executive coach, a wife and Mom, Bonnie knows first hand the unique challenges business owners and executives face on their journey to success. From that small voices that whispers, “Can I even do this?” to the much louder voice yelling “I am in WAY over my head” Bonnie has spent thousands of hours putting herself and others on the path to “I’ve got this!”

Despite the tremendous success of her clinical practice, Bonnie noticed clients in high performance roles were struggling and not as responsive to traditional therapeutic approaches. “They wanted something more directive that acknowledges the specific pressures they were under.” says Bonnie. “The traditional model of mental health says to slow down and avoid stress. There is no avoiding stress in business and most leaders don’t feel ready to slow down in the pursuit of their dreams. I created Level Up so they don’t have to.”

With Bonnie as your coach, you will gain the confidence, consistency and focus you need to overcome your personal limitations for good.